10 Years Old:

It is an exciting year with many changes! I’ve been so busy writing my next book, teaching, and speaking that blogging seems to have taken a back seat lately. Thankfully, Carrie Guenther, our new Trust Ambassador, is seeing to it that I remain on task better than ever before. (Find out more about Carrie HERE).

2018 marks the ten-year anniversary of the founding of Building Trust, LLC. Although I had been actively involved in trust-related coaching and training within my own employers since the 1980’s, it wasn’t until 2008 that I hung out a shingle.

Building Trust Timeline:

Building Trust Timeline

Building Trust & RBB:

Many people have asked what Building Trust and an electronics manufacturing business (RBB) have to do with one another. The answer is simple: a culture of openness, trust, and high expectations. RBB’s work environment is an (imperfect) example of this, whereas BT exists to share what and how – in down-to-earth terms – to establish this kind of culture in a sustainable way.

Trust-building is a never ending process, as I know well from my role as the Owner/CEO of RBB. I love my work with our Building Trust clients because it’s not just theory to me. What I teach I also face in the trenches of my daily existence. Clients don’t just get trained; they learn from a CEO who stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the learner.

I am so grateful to the client organizations we’ve had the privilege of serving over our first decade. From the beginning, Building Trust has offered a cheerful money-back guarantee, which has yet to be employed!


What is Next?

  • A new book is coming out: a 90-day trust-building tune-up, split into bite-sized daily chunks, in 2019.
  • A menu of quick-hit talks and customizable training modules that clients can fine-tune to their needs.
  • The establishment of a permanent BT training facility at 1909 Old Mansfield Road, Wooster, OH.
  • More public and private BTE sessions.

As we begin our next chapter at Building Trust, Carrie and I are looking forward to serving you in fresh and exciting new ways! Stay tuned!