The 11 Commandments of Building Trust

Trust-building can seem like an over-analyzed mess. This Whitepaper cuts through the clutter.

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Build Trust to Improve Performance

As a results-oriented CEO himself, Bruce helps individuals and teams cut through distractions to work more effectively and forge stronger relationships.

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The Services We Offer

Click here to learn more about the Building Trust custom-designed development programs for commercial organizations, individuals, and not-for-profits.

The Building Trust Experience

Thousands of people have enjoyed this lively and memorable 2-day workshop known as the Building Trust Experience.

Team Training

Unleash more of your team’s talents and energies. Unite through skill-building and team facilitation.

Professional Coaching

One-to-one coaching from a 30-year CEO. Bruce helps you fine-tune your leadership and problem-solving skills.


Special Projects and Events

Invite Bruce to your venue for a lively and memorable custom event.

Helping Clients Build Trust

Building Trust helps our clients become trust-builders through improving self-awareness, interpersonal communication, and practical application.






What Our Clients Say

“Bruce gave us some great tools and exercises! We have already started using them to help our Chamber Board move up to the next level and bring our new Board members along and up to speed. Fantastic yet practical content! Would highly recommend!”

Michelle Masica

President, Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce

“I would highly recommend this program and this training, whether you are in management or any other level of the workplace.”

Joel Montgomery

City Manager, City of Wooster

“You have to experience the Building Trust Experience. It is an awesome workshop that I highly recommend. I can see this being beneficial to all leaders.”

Mark Pierce

Founder & CEO, E5 Leadership

Why focus on building trust?

Far too much avoidable mistrust develops between really good people. This is most often the result of fear, ineffective coping mechanisms, and the willingness to settle for plateaued relationships. Bruce has a passion to help others break through these self-imposed limitations, and reduce unnecessary isolation in life and career.

1. What are some common reasons that people employ your services?

No two groups are the same, however there are some familiar workplace challenges that even the most successful organizations occasionally face:

  • Accumulated stress and short-temperedness
  • Turf-based thinking and behaviors
  • Chronic conflict aversion
  • Tacit endorsement of unhealthy team dynamics
  • Disunity in priorities and ownership
  • Difficult or altogether missing working relationships
  • Unenthusiastic acceptance of change
  • Willingness to settle for the above list!

The longer these conditions go on, the more that trust erodes in an otherwise healthy environment. Building Trust is brought in to constructively open up lines of communication and to arm individuals to build (or re-build) trust with their co-workers.

2. What off-the-shelf training topics are available?
  • The Building Trust Experience
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Picking Wise Battles
  • Leadership
  • Visioning
  • Decision Making
  • Avoiding Trap Doors
  • Leadership Self-Care
  • Management
  • Team Building
  • Healthy Team Dynamics
  • Effective Meetings
  • Handling Stress
  • Related Topics
  • Customer Service
  • How to Get Promoted
3. Do you create custom programs?

Absolutely! In fact, virtually all training is customized to the current needs of the specific audience. Bruce explores the topics and expected outcomes up front, then tweaks each program to accomplish your desired changes in behavior.

4. Can you give some examples of custom training/speaking programs you have created?

Here is a sampling:

  • Day-long annual leadership working retreats
  • Series of 5 sessions on unity & customer service
  • Why and how to build trusting organizational cultures
  • Communication in a LEAN manufacturing environment
  • Series of 7 aspects of leading volunteers
  • Trust Building with faculty, staff and administration
  • How to reduce stress through better communication

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