Bruce Hendrick founded Building Trust, LLC in 2008 to share the skills, lessons and methods that get results with leaders and future leaders in the community. Bruce’s 30 years of teaching experience, combined with progressive management roles in multiple industries and community groups adds value to every learning session. He offers custom-designed development programs for non-profits, commercial organizations, churches and individuals.

Bruce’s day job is running a thriving business in Wooster, Ohio, called RBB Systems. His trainees get the advantage of working with an executive who is in the trenches, who personally employs the methods described, and shares actual examples in an easily relatable manner. Bruce specializes in designing customized workshops and training focused on:

- Trust Building
- Leadership
- Management
- Effective Teams
- Managing Change
- Time Management
- Interpersonal Communications
- Constructive Conflict Resolution
- Organizational Skill Building
- Strategic Planning
- Holding Great Meetings


BHFlyer2014Building Trust – the Flagship Offering

Many times each year, Bruce offers his powerful two-day workshop Building Trust through Improved Interpersonal Communication.  Attendance is limited to 11-12 seats in this highly interactive program. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Click here to learn about additional course offerings.


The Building Trust Experience

“Makes you realize it’s not quite as tough to change some things as you might think!”

“I will continue to enforce what I learned in my everyday life.”

“Really opens my eyes to what relationships could be with a little effort on communication, listening and trust.”

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Upcoming Workshops and Speaking Engagements

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March 4th, 2015

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April 1st, 2015

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