Trust is a simple topic that can often seem like an over-analyzed mess. This white paper cuts through the clutter to reveal 11 essential trust-building behaviors, distilled from three decades of in-the-trenches business leadership.

Trust boils down to one question: do I feel safe? The 11 Commandments of Building Trust© foster rapid growth in mutual trust and confidence. Meanwhile, violating even one of them erodes whatever level of trust is already established.

Explore the nuances of each Commandment as they manifest themselves in your personal and professional lives. Make small but meaningful changes in each area continuously. Over time you will build the enviable reputation of someone who can be counted on. People will want to follow you. Your impact and influence will grow, without the need to be larger than life. And when you do make mistakes, others will extend you grace since you will have earned the right to your own humanity along the way.

To aid in practical value, I’ve included tell-tales with each Commandment. These are readily observable signals that help us to measure how we’re doing in each area. Now if you’re ready, it’s time to dive in!