All year, I’ve been looking forward to today. At last, The Building Trust 60-Day Workout is launched and available. Over the next few days, the print version will be showing up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

Because I relate so well to those who feel may unsafe, it’s become my mission in life and career to help create trusting environments.

My first book, On My Own, Recollections of an Unlikely CEO, told the tale of why I’m in the trust-building business. It was a look back on a childhood spent in isolation – sometimes naturally, often self-imposed – and mostly void of trust. Many of us have had this experience. We have thoughts, feelings, contributions, and great ideas but they accumulate behind a wall of fear and guardedness because we don’t feel safe enough to reveal them. 

My new book offers the reader 60 “slices” or lessons of trust-building activities that we can do with those in our work and personal lives to either open the doors or build further on the trust that’s already present. The premise is that we are responsible for creating the conditions in our relationships that encourage openness, risk-taking, and safety. 

There are lots of books and articles that allow us to maintain black-and-white thinking, justify our fears, or encourage us to wait for evidence of people’s trustworthiness before we invest in them. This book is not one of them. It’s not the book for you if you feel that your pervasive mistrust is rational, justifiable, and it’s up to others to prove you wrong.

No, this book takes the opposite approach. It arms us with proven, bite-sized things that we can do daily to help others trust us more – without head games or manipulation. It assumes that we may be on other people’s “do not trust” list without knowing it, so we must be intentional about our side of the street if we want more trust in our relationships.

There is no trust without risk. Today, I’m sharing my new book on trust-building with the world. I love that feeling of vulnerability combined with openness and growth, which is what trust is all about. Is it scary and exciting? For sure! So I know I’m on the right path.

I hope you find power, safety, and value in The Building Trust 60-Day Workout. I wish you the best on your trust-building journey. Please feel free to contact me if I can help you along your way.

Bruce Hendrick

Founder and President, Building Trust,

CEO and Owner,