There comes a time in running a business when you know that it’s time for change. Organizational Development Services, LLC (or ODS) was founded in 2008 as a training and consulting business… with a name so general (by design) that it could mean just about anything. The trouble is that over the years the name ODS has come to mean just aboutnothing in particular! Yet thanks to you, our clients and readers, the business itself has grown steadily. Today we have three very specific branches of one unambiguous trust-building tree. So, effective immediately, the name ODS is hereby retired and is being replaced with Building Trust. Building Trust is what we’ve been all about since day one; I’m thrilled to announce that our name now reflects it!

Branch 1: The Building Trust Experience

This is the 2-day highly-intensive and memorable workshop known as Building Trust through Improved Interpersonal Communication. People may choose to attend a public session (scheduled throughout the year) or arrange a private workshop for their organization. By capitalizing on their natural style, students practice with real-world examples to overcome common trust barriers that arise in the workplace.

Branch 2: Team Coaching and Development

This branch of activity involves teams that would like more help and lasting behavioral change than any single training event can muster. It’s typically a customized engagement, usually over an extended period of time, that includes trust and communications training in smaller bites of time, individual coaching and follow-up, phone support, etc. Teams reach plateaus. Personalities can clash. Agendas and priorities compete. It can be helpful to introduce an outsider to open up the lines of communication and to create a zone of safety so as to free up the latent energy in the team. Building Trust, LLC helps team members cut through any self-imposed distractions. The team emerges together, more focused and more equipped to lean on each other to reach higher levels of performance.

Branch 3: Custom Speaking Engagements

The third aspect of the Building Trust business is for organizations who are looking for a lively, quick-witted, good-looking and imminently humble speaker. If you have a venue and a topic in mind, Bruce may be the presenter you are looking for.

Sample Client

Sample Topic

CEO peer groups Trust Building
Church Leadership in Ministry
College campus Commencement
Home Center LEAN techniques
Hospital Decision making
Large Country Club Team Building
Manufacturer Meeting Effectiveness
Nonprofit organization Off-site retreat
School District Handling Stress
Young Professionals How to get promoted

Pardon Our Dust

Over the next few weeks the website will be getting a complete makeover to reflect the new branding. Please add my new email address to your address book. I am excited to welcome you to the new Building Trust, LLC! If I can help in any way, please let me know.