I love helping fellow professionals to get unstuck. For me, that means being willing to sit still, listen fully to a person, understand each challenge’s nuances, and then suggest proven ways to tackle it. For the coached, it means transparency, vulnerability, and a willingness to step out from comfort. Tactics differ depending on the person, the situation, and the organization. But the strategies of building trust, effective leadership, and healthy teams usually do not.

As a voracious reader, author, trainer, and active CEO myself, I try to keep ahead of my clients. I’m not a therapist, although I’ve used my share. I’m not a priest or pastor, but I’ve leaned on these, too. Ditto attorneys and accountants. I’m a 58-year-old Christian, leader, business owner, dad, and volunteer. I’m at the stage where my energy and satisfaction come from helping others succeed in their career lives, provided they too dig deep to apply the methods we discuss.

Coaching engagements are unlike any other. They’re laser-focused on accomplishing the specific goals of the individual client – within the framework of their employer’s objectives. Establishing trust is a cornerstone of the coaching relationship, and must be preserved at all times. Progress requires mutual openness, risk-taking, and accountability. I meet with each coaching client to define expectations, identify pain points, and develop a plan to achieve goals.

Building Trust coaching services are fluid. We contract for a specific number of sessions, but fully expect to adjust the schedule and communication methods to accommodate the client’s dynamic environment. Coaching is most effective face-to-face or through live video chat.

It’s common for Building Trust training clients to sign up for 1-1 coaching, but I’ll work with any current or future leader who wants help. Coaching services provide:
• One or more assessments that are relevant to achieving goals
• Reframing of client problems/opportunities, helpful suggestions, and straight talk
• New tools and greater confidence to address workplace challenges

If you or someone you work with has reached a career plateau or needs help in getting unstuck at work, professional coaching with Bruce and Building Trust might be your answer. Our focus is on helping you accomplish your goals, and our context is firmly grounded in the Building Trust framework of building, growing, and restoring healthy relationships – since positive outcomes always start here.

Contact Deb Komer, deb@brucehendrick.com, to schedule an exploratory call (with Bruce) to discuss your unique coaching goals.