Building Trust has big plans in 2019. We are growing and expanding beyond what we have done for the past 11 years – in services and locations.

In our conversations with clients, we saw a need to develop leaders outside of what we can do in a training room. Most leaders have a desire to grow and succeed professionally with strong, effective teams, but often need new tools to move their teams forward. To help fill this need, Building Trust has added professional leadership coaching to our service offerings. Coaching gives leaders tools, results and confidence to build their leadership skills and lead an effective team.

With the addition of coaching, Building Trust now offers 4 pathways to help build trust in your organization, as mapped out in our Proven Process.

The Building Trust Experience: A 2-day workshop to work on individual skills to build trust and extend trust to others.

Training Series: Group learning as a team, created from our menu of topics or custom-created for your team to clear the logjams with trust and accountability.

Professional Leadership Coaching: 1-1 coaching helps give leaders tools, results and confidence to lead an effective team.

One-Time Events: Building Trust can create a one-time event on a targeted topic or objective, such as a keynote speech, team building or strategic planning, with a down-to-earth approach and shared experience for your team.

How do you know what is the best path for you or your team?

Take the Building Trust Pre-Engagement survey: The survey results help give Bruce & Carrie a snapshot of your current work environment to guide the conversation.
Schedule a consultation: We love to have coffee/lunch with our clients and chat about how we can help.
Proposal: Bruce & Carrie will build on the survey and consultation to develop a proposal on the best path to building trust for your team.

Bruce & Carrie look forward to helping you build a strong, effective, trusting team!