Building Trust serves teams who require lasting behavioral change. Team training is typically a customized engagement, usually over an extended period of time, that includes trust, communications, and leadership training in 2-hour bites of time. Topics can be created or selected from our existing menu.

Any group of professionals, regardless of talent and intention, can reach a “trust plateau.” Personalities can clash. Agendas and priorities compete. Environmental changes abound. Stress and other challenges can accumulate such that people begin to act in defensive, untrusting ways. We’ve all been there!

Sometimes introducing an outsider can help to open up the lines of communication. The goal is to create a zone of safety and unity so as to free up the latent energy in the team.

Building Trust helps team members cut through any self-imposed distractions. The team emerges together, more focused and more equipped to lean on each other to reach higher levels of performance.


UNDERSTANDS… Your people and objectives.

DEMONSTRATES…. Trust-building skills and techniques.

BUILDS…. Relationships with key influencers.

MANAGES…. Time efficiently for all participants.

ADDS…. Value to every interaction.

SUPPORTS…. Employees as they apply new behaviors.

PRESERVES… Confidentiality at every turn.

ASSISTS… The group to be self-sustaining.

BECOMES…. A trusted advisor to your organization.