Often, great individuals don’t always reach their potential. Sometimes we need a little help to change our perspective or acquire new tools. Coaching engagements are unlike any other. They are laser-focused on accomplishing the specific goals of the individual client – within the framework of the employer’s organizational objectives. Establishing trust is a cornerstone of the coaching relationship; it must be preserved at all times. This requires mutual transparency, risk-taking, and accountability. Bruce meets with each coaching client to define expectations, identify pain points and develop a plan to achieve goals. By design, our coaching services are fluid. We contract for a specific number of sessions, but fully expect to adjust the schedule and methods of communications to accommodate the dynamic needs of the environment. Coaching is most effective either face-to-face or through live video chat.


  • One or more assessments that are relevant to achieving goals.
  • Improved confidence, competence, and skills to address challenges now and in the future.
  • Improved access to more useful tools, methods, and approaches for solving problems.
  • Identified opportunities for post-engagement development, whether through continued coaching or otherwise.