Frequently Asked Questions

Why focus on building trust?

Far too much avoidable mistrust develops between really good people. This is most often the result of fear, ineffective coping mechanisms, and the willingness to settle for plateaued relationships. Bruce has a passion to help others break through these self-imposed limitations, and reduce unnecessary isolation in life and career.

1. What are some common reasons that people employ your services?

No two groups are the same, however there are some familiar workplace challenges that even the most successful organizations occasionally face:

  • Accumulated stress and short-temperedness
  • Turf-based thinking and behaviors
  • Chronic conflict aversion
  • Tacit endorsement of unhealthy team dynamics
  • Disunity in priorities and ownership
  • Difficult or altogether missing working relationships
  • Unenthusiastic acceptance of change
  • Willingness to settle for the above list!

The longer these conditions go on, the more that trust erodes in an otherwise healthy environment. Building Trust is brought in to constructively open up lines of communication and to arm individuals to build (or re-build) trust with their co-workers.

2. What off-the-shelf training topics are available?

  • Accountability
  • Avoiding Trap Doors
  • The Building Trust Experience
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service
  • Decision Making
  • Effective Meetings
  • Handling Stress
  • Healthy Team Dynamics
  • How to Get Promoted
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Leadership
  • Leadership Self-Care
  • Management
  • Picking Wise Battles
  • Team Building
  • Visioning
3. Do you create custom programs?

Absolutely! In fact, virtually all training is customized to the current needs of the specific audience. Bruce explores the topics and expected outcomes up front, then tweaks each program to accomplish your desired changes in behavior.

4. Can you give some examples of custom training and speaking programs you have created?

Here is a sampling:

  • Day-long leadership and staff retreats
  • Focused series of sessions on unity, customer service, and leading volunteers
  • Why and how to build trusting organizational cultures
  • Communication in a LEAN manufacturing environment
  • Culture Surveys to take the pulse of your organization and define opportunities for reaching higher levels of performance
  • Trust-building with faculty, staff and administration
  • How to reduce stress through better communication
5. Is there online training available from Building Trust?

No. There are plenty of online training options available to those who would like general information on trust, leadership, problem-solving, etc. What differentiates our training is the personal and interactive nature of the learning. Participants leave the session with real experience in applying the techniques.

6. What types of people and companies have you helped?

Many! Some examples include: healthcare practices, manufacturing companies, large universities, churches, CPA and law firms, home centers, country clubs, non-profit organizations, and chief executive groups around the country.

7. What size organizations do you work with?

Bruce has spoken to groups from 7 to 700, from a small team of church elders to the staff and faculty of a university campus. Group size is less important than individual willingness to overcome trust barriers and change behaviors.

8. Are you available for individual coaching?


9. Do you do one-time speaking events?

Yes, frequently.

10. Where is the training held?

Public Building Trust training sessions are conducted at a private training facility in Wooster, Ohio. Private sessions can be conducted anywhere that suits the client. Bruce will gladly travel.

11. What are the lasting results of your training and consulting?

The overall effectiveness of a refocused and cohesive team who trusts one another will be felt by the organization, its community partners and clients for years to come. The following chart describes the baseline expectation of improved trust and collaboration as a result of a Building Trust engagement.

12. How are you qualified to teach?

Since 1985, Bruce has personally led teams of all kinds, in multiple industries, through various business, volunteer and community challenges.

Since 1990, Bruce has conducted training sessions on a wide range of trust, communication and leadership topics with a 96% approval rating.

For all his life Bruce has been overcoming trust issues (for more on this read his memoir, On My Own, Recollections of an Unlikely CEO). In doing so, he has honed his passion for helping others find highly practical ways to do the same.

13. Do you offer certificates of completion/professional development hours?

Participants of The Building Trust Experience receive certificates of completion. At this time, CE credits are not available.

14. How long are the sessions?

The Building Trust Experience is a full 1 or 2-day workshop. Typical Team Training sessions are two hours. All other sessions are adjusted as-needed to fit the client’s time and needs.

15. How much do you charge for your services?

Please call or email for our current fee schedule for the Building Trust Experience, Professional Coaching and Team Training. Special Projects and speaking engagement costs are based on the type, length and complexity of the project. Building Trust offers discounted fees for non-profit organizations.

Clients are hiring a proven, results-oriented CEO with excellent communication and platform skills, and the value delivered far exceeds up-front cost. References for Bruce are readily available.

16. How do we get started?

Contact Jenni at (330) 641-7140 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation, or email us info@brucehendrick.com.

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