Clients & Testimonials

Building Trust Video Testimonial: Judy Delaney, Goodwill Industries of Wayne and Holmes Counties

Building Trust Video Testimonial: Nadine Nocero, Account Manager, SyncShow

Building Trust Video Testimonial: Joel Montgomery, City of Wooster


“I very much value the messages you send in your “Building Trust” endeavors. It is important, from my perspective, that students start to think about these aspects of work and life as they transition from adolescence into adulthood and you do a good job of sending the message as to why this is important to them.”

James Kinder

Professor, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University

“Bruce gave us some great tools and exercises! We have already started using them to help our Chamber Board move up to the next level and bring our new Board members along and up to speed. Fantastic yet practical content! Would highly recommend!” Michelle Masica

President, Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce

“Bruce was easy to work with and tailored his presentation to our company’s needs. Our training session, running effective meetings, is a classic training issue that very easily could be considered “common sense and common knowledge.” However, Bruce’s presentation was fresh and applicable. Many tips and suggestions were implemented immediately. His training had a measurable bottom line impact and was presented with enthusiasm. Real-life experience in the trenches makes Bruce a credible, entertaining, and highly effective trainer.” Neena Miller

Director of HR, Weaver Leather

“Bruce Hendrick is nothing like a motivation speaker. He gives you the tools and resources while helping identify what changes are needed. He energizes and sincerely wants to help you make changes when it comes to business communication and relationships.”

Aaron Mierzwiak

Practice Administrator, Comprehensive Internal Medicine

“Liked Bruce’s energy, humor, and fast paced approach to covering the material.”

“Thank you again for all that you taught me the last couple of days. I enjoyed your class immensely. I am always looking for ways to improve and I feel that you gave me some much needed help to do so. I had the book out this morning and am continuing to review. I am thankful for your training.”

“Bruce has concern and respect… he really wants the best for us and [for us] to be the best we can be.”

“Great job and sensitivity to people. [Bruce’s] ability to give the quick smile and wit breaks down a lot of barriers.”

“Makes you realize it’s not quite as tough to change some things as you might think!”

“Really opens my eyes to what relationships could be with a little effort on communication, listening and trust.”

“I will continue to enforce what I learned in my everyday life.”

There are numerous quality training and coaching opportunities for leaders to take advantage of in this “knowledge at your fingertips” world we live in. However, if you are ready to dig deep within yourself to find clarity and uncover your true potential in building a trusting environment or relationships, Bruce’s 1 to 1 coaching is an opportunity you owe yourself.  Did you ever walk out of a training and say, ”that was great,” energized, and a week later you can’t remember what excited you, or the initial dramatic impact wasn’t lasting? Well, I can honestly say, you won’t have the same experience with Bruce. It is lasting, impactful, and down to earth.

Kim Croftcheck

Community Action Wayne/Medina

“I am [now] making [trust] deposits on a daily basis, not only with co-workers, but with participants of our program. I have always been the type of person who cares too much and goes the extra mile… Your workshop taught me to not always lean on myself but to trust and lean on others. I also have to have the faith that I am doing a good job, and to take constructive criticism not as a put down but as a teachable moment. I need to accept that my work ethic is not another person’s work ethic.

Your role play hit home with me; I have not held others accountable as I should. When I assign a task to them, I usually take it on myself [along with] the blame and responsibility to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Again, that is where my work ethic, the caring and passion I have for what I do comes into play. I know it’s not a bad thing, but I need to know I can rely on my boss and co-workers, and that we can communicate without talking things personal.

I really enjoyed the workshop, I have to admit I was nervous taking it with my boss, but it worked out great.” Patty Fitzwater

Recovery Aide, NAMI of Wayne & Holmes Counties / MOCA House

“Bruce is an energetic presenter who brought real world insights to our management team. Leadership concepts were presented using basic examples that will allow for simple implementation.” Tony Snyder

CEO, Pomerene Hospital

“I can tell you I came away from your teaching with practical techniques that I have already found myself thinking about and implementing. Thanks again for your teaching and I believe it is clear that you are answering the correct “call” on your life.”

“This was an amazing experience that I can use in all facets of life.”

“I am a natural born pessimist/realist; I was pleasantly surprised.”

“I thought overall one of the best training sessions I’ve ever been involved with.”

“Very impressive, dynamic two days. It’s always tough to get away from the office, but this was well worth it!”