When should I call Building Trust?

  • When you have talented people who have hit a trust or teamwork plateau; the pain is real. You risk continued subpar results, unnecessary and costly turnover, or both.

Why should I work with Building Trust instead of another consultant or trainer?

  • As a practicing CEO of a high-trust organization, Bruce quickly connects to the teamwork challenges leaders face. In short order, he helps you identify root causes and works within your natural style to bring your team to higher performance with less stress.

What are some expected outcomes?

  • Better decisions through more cohesive leadership (or other) teams, improved individual performance through 1-1 coaching, and fewer strained relationships as trust levels improve throughout the organization.

What strategies do you use?

  • We start with a free initial consultation to understand the scope and specific challenges. We then use a combination of team sessions, individual coaching, and small workshops to raise your key influencers’ trust-building and leadership skill levels. As needed, we even facilitate relationship coaching conversations between two professionals.

What do you expect from your clients?

  • Transparency on the trust, leadership, and communication challenges — and how they are changing. A sincere effort to apply the tools and techniques that Bruce introduces. Patience; in most cases, the environmental changes we seek will take substantial time.

What results have other business owners had?

  • See the Building Trust testimonial page here:

How can I add more things to my already busy schedule?

  • High-trust organizations are dramatically more efficient than low-trust ones. When your people are aligned and communicating fully and freely, decisions are made faster and better, projects get implemented with less friction, and the number of wasteful political emails drops rapidly. Investing in Building Trust saves time.

How can trust-building initiatives fail?

  • Wait for someone else to change before we take action ourselves. Incredible breakthroughs are available to us, but they start in the mirror. Bruce has been guiding people through this rewarding transition in a positive way for decades, but the client must do the heavy lifting.

Why Bruce?

  • Bruce is that rare partner who understands trust — and mistrust — at the most profound personal level and how to lead and teach others to elevate to a higher place. He’s been honing these skills since the late 1980s and is ready to help you.

How do I get started?

  • To schedule your initial conversation with Bruce, contact Jenni at Building Trust at 330-641-7140 or email us through this form: Ask a Question