Fifteen years ago, when Building Trust hung out our shingle for the first time, we had no idea how many lives and careers we would be privileged to impact. We are immensely grateful for these opportunities, many of which have been challenging, sensitive, or both.

We got into this business because we believe high trust underpins professional effectiveness in teamwork and leadership. Without it, work becomes stressful, hyper-vigilant, political, and slow. But when trust exists, work feels fun, relaxed, loose, and efficient.

Most experts, and people in general, emphasize how vital trust is, but they move on quickly to other, less icky subjects. Building Trust walks alongside you as you build (or re-build) it in the real world. This is brave, uncomfortable, but highly rewarding work. And so I want to say a few things to those courageous people we’ve been privileged to work with over the years.

Dear present and former BT Client:


Bravo, and thank you. It took vision and courage to reach out for help, insights, tools, and strategies to improve the teamwork and relationships in your organization.

More specifically, it’s been encouraging to see your willingness to challenge your assumptions and behaviors toward your coworkers. You’ve shown genuine humility in accepting and adjusting to straight-shooting feedback. I’ve been impressed by your readiness to step 10% out of your comfort zone to implement new ways to revitalize relationships, and your capacity to look in the mirror and acknowledge that all significant change starts there.

I’ve particularly enjoyed seeing your open-mindedness to accept new information and challenges and your commitment to try new things long enough for them to become habits. I’ve witnessed you trust yourself to “just say it” so others can build trust with the real you, and value yourself and the work environment highly enough to make hard decisions when necessary.

Most of all, congratulations on re-prioritizing trust as the key to success you always knew it was.



Bruce Hendrick

Founder and President, Building Trust

Ninety percent of our work comes from personal referrals. “I know just the guy to help you with that” is more powerful than any marketing or advertising we might do. We appreciate all our current and former clients who endorse us to their friends and colleagues.

While we teach and advise on many business and leadership subjects, every session we conduct increases trust in organizations — provided that the client does the heavy lifting. Most BT clients are already good; they want to get even better. If this is you, we’d be glad to help!