The Workout Gym

A new, FREE, online service!

Building Trust is excited to introduce The Workout Gym: a new, free, online service to our clients, friends, and followers. The Workout Gym strengthens participants’ trust “muscles” by taking a deep, practical dive into a different trust topic every month.

Each session in the Gym will go 30-45 minutes, max. Bruce will set up the live interaction by referring to a subject in his The Building Trust 60-Day Workout or perhaps a community-requested challenge. The Gym floor (Zoom meeting) then opens up to BT community members to share trust-enhancing tools from their own world. Open Q&A with Bruce will be featured often in the Gym. Ultimately, our valued members will take the sessions where they need to go.

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April 9, 2020, at 11:30 am EST, is our next online coaching/discussion forum known as the Workout Gym. Each 45-minute workout session in the Gym (Zoom meeting) will be an interactive deep dive on a trust-related topic.

Our second session is Victims and Villains –  how a new perspective can open the door to trust.

Bruce will introduce the topic with a few thoughts, and then we’ll open it up for questions as we apply these ideas in the real world. We share our challenges and the trust-enhancing tools that have worked for us. Ultimately, participants will take the sessions where they need to go.

Why the Gym? Why Now?

The Building Trust community of clients, readers, and followers continues to grow quickly because we’ve hit a nerve that most people face these days. Establishing or regaining trust in others is becoming more challenging, important, and valuable than ever. Misunderstandings between personalities and departments seem to fester since many of us choose the short-term safety of technology to communicate instead of resolving issues interpersonally.

In The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni describes the absence of trust as the most fundamental team dysfunction. Trust problems, when they exist, will underlie and manifest all the others. We need practical help to reawaken and polish our trust-building skills.

In addition to “Victims and Villains,” upcoming Gym workouts will tackle topics such as: trusting oneself, credibility, overcoming betrayal, and accountability. We’ll record and share these sessions as a reference resource to the BT community.

Building genuine trust requires live, face-to-face dialog. And that’s what we help you do, for free, at Building Trust’s new Workout Gym. Sign up today.